Cook Islands challenge their own destiny to scale new heights
October 26 2015

For some people, 166 in the FIFA / Coca-Cola World Ranking, recently acquired position by the Cook Islands, it seems unlikely. But, of course, context is everything in the world of football.

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For their latest milestone Cook Islands, in fact, significant. They now sit fourth Oceania Football Confederation between the 11 member associations of the global rankings, with more than 170 higher than its previous 2000 made after that year's OFC Nations Cup a best ever position.

The chef came in the context of population, geography and resources. Headquartered in Oceania remote eastern edge, even during a visit to neighboring Tahiti involve great expense, and by New Zealand on the other side of the region's journey. Their population numbers are only 15,000 will cover the area around most parts of Western Europe. Only in the Caribbean members of FIFA have a population smaller countries.

Breakthrough Achievements
Cook Islands coach Drew Sherman's stated goal heading into the open last month's Oceania 2018 World Cup Russia ? qualifier to win the four-nation tournament.

This is quite ambitious in view of the Cook Islands and did not beat a single member of FIFA World Cup qualifying events five years ago, not to mention the development of the second stage.

However, the game is open 48 hours Sherman's side against hosts Tonga and Samoa bag with perennial area king wins. A seemingly impossible goal is suddenly a reality. Football fairy tale, however, often remain unfulfilled.

They lost their last game American Samoa, as well as rare, although it may be three-quarters of four per team won two straight, leaving the Cook Islands suffered a huge margin unfortunate consumptive Progress Samoa ball is.

There are other milestones up. Taylor Saghabi attacker scored four goals in the first two games and the Cook Islands for a brief moment in the top of the world.

Saghabi's goal for him along India's Sunil Chhetri as co-leading scorer in the world of Russia 2018 qualifying, only to be Saudi Arabia's Mohammed ยท Sahlawi usurped later on the same day. Sydney Saghabi are several players from Australia and New Zealand, the Cook Islands diaspora who are scouted Sherman, and one according to the final part of the so-called.

Build Success
Narrow Tonga eventually eliminate pain dissipated Cook Islands, who can now consolidate the achievements have laid a platform for future development.

Sherman, who also doubles as the national technical director, said local footballer is very coachable. It is on the side of the achievements made in the last month, within a few months or less to prepare a fact confirmed.

"In the (Cook Islands) players are very happy person, willing to learn and develop," Sherman said. "They will do almost anything you ask them to do."

Sherman, a 28-year-old Welsh coach, an impressive resume while ignoring his tender years, has made a major difference between a very short space of time. Find more matches and meaningful competition is now one of the tasks at hand. Thus, although the challenge is to maintain an upward trajectory, it seems to be one of the smallest countries on earth, and is fully capable to continue punching above weight.




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