FIFA 16 the first media ratings released although questioned but worth playing
September 24 2015

This year's FIFA ultimate team game back, the first time joined the women's football team. However, these can beat the opponent with "live soccer 2016" do?

Look at it the following ratings:

  IGN – 7.8

  Digital Spy – 4/5

  Bleacher Report – 8/10

  GameSpot – 9/10

  Polygon – 9/10

  New Game Network – 86%

  The Guardian – 5/5

  Ars Technica – " World Soccer Winning Eleven 2016 has been defeated" FIFA 16 "and blow their vital"

Viewed from above, "FIFA 16" this year's FIFA series used to evaluate the agreement did not extend some praise, for the first time there has been opposition to this, the voice of doubt, that the "FIFA" is no longer the best football game this year. "World Soccer Winning Eleven 2016" This year is particularly disappointing letting "FIFA 16" began to feel a hint of crisis.

Of course, the media score above 8, in addition to IGN and Ars Techinica, other media are high praise for this work, and even the British "Guardian" also played out. Overall, "FIFA 16" or most positive assessment, but need to work harder.


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