FIFA 20: Release Date, Career Mode, Volta, FUT Web App, Ultimate Team and More
September 04 2019

FIFA 20 is within arms reach and with the new season up and running, you can expect more announcements about the game. Here is everything we at Atfifa know about the game so far.

Over the past few weeks, news has finally dropped regarding the biggest changes we have seen in FIFA Career Mode in over a decade, the Cover Stars have been revealed, Volta News and fresh updates to Ultimate Team. In addition to all of this, the FIFA 20 Beta has dropped. EA revealed the latest legend coming to Ultimate Team is none other than Ghanaian midfielder, Michael Essien.?? ?

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EA has also announced the release of the FUT Web App on September 18th, 2019. The web app is used to buy and sell players on the transfer market, open FUT packs and build your squads.

Release Date
EA Sports are very consistent with their release dates, and once again the final Friday in September will mark the full release of FIFA 20. This year, that will be Friday, 27 September 2019, but we can expect types of early access too.

The Standard Edition – fronted by Eden Hazard – costs £54.99 on PC and £59.99 on PS4 and Xbox One.
By pre-ordering you will receive up to three FIFA 20 Ultimate Team rare gold packs (one per week for three weeks), choose one of five mid-version ICON items for five FUT matches and special Edition FUT Kits.

Early Access
That release date only applies to the Standard Edition, however. Both the Champions & Ultimate Editions of the game are available three days earlier on September 24.

The Champions Edition, with Champions League winner Virgil van Dijk on the cover, is priced at £69.99 on PC and £79.99 on PS4 and Xbox One, and it will get you up to 12 FIFA 20 Ultimate Team rare gold packs (one per week for 12 weeks) as well as the three days early access.

Lastly, the Ultimate Edition, complete with cover star Zinedine Zidane, will set you back £79.99 on PC and £89.99 on PS4 and Xbox One. It comes with an untradeable FUT 20 Ones To Watch player item and up to 24 FIFA 20 Ultimate Team rare gold packs (two per week for 12 weeks).

Those who sign up to EA Access get eight hours of gameplay around one week before the game comes out, and this year that will be eight days early from September 19.

Volta Football
EA Sports recently released a trailer showcasing over 17 locations around the world including Tokyo, Amsterdam, Barcelona and London.

The community have been calling for a street mode on FIFA or a return to FIFA Street for some time, with the Journey teasing street-esque football in recent years. Well, the prayers have been answered with Volta Football arriving for FIFA 20.

Volta, meaning 'tempo' in Italian, takes FIFA back to the streets, with the mode enabling games to play 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 matches, with or without goalkeepers.

?Expect all the skill, close control and use of the walls of the cage, with even a futsal arena a venue option. The new strafe dribbling mechanic is a key feature for both Volta and out on the grass pitch, so you will have plenty of fun skinning defenders.

You can create your own male or female character, play online and there is a new Volta Story which replaces The Journey.

New controls, cameras and outfits are just the tip if the iceberg, and it is the one huge spelling point FIFA has above rival PES 2020 this year.

Volta Football is a great addition, although it will not feature on Nintendo Switch. After FUT Division Rivals didn't feature on Switch last year, EA need be careful not to upset a passionate community. Let's hope that changes for FIFA 21. ?

Simplified Rules
In Volta Football there are no substitutions, offsides, injuries, yellow ?or red cards, or even fatigue/stamina.

Match Types
The various match types offers a different element and creates a variety of situations different to the 11-a-side game.
The match type breakdowns are:
Rush Keepers: played in 3v3 and 4v4, Rush is the street mode without Goalkeepers and with small goals, where each player is expected to contribute to all aspects of the game, be it scoring or blocking a shot.

Street with Keepers: played in 4v4 and 5v5, is the street mode with Goalkeepers and Futsal-sized goals, which combines the safety of a goalkeeper with the bespoke rules and personality of the street.

Futsal is a 5-a-side experience with more authentic rules, referees, and a more structured type of play. The formations available are the same as 5v5 street with keepers.

Specific Rules
Volta Football gameplay has unique rules depending on the circumstances of the match. You can combine the rules below, creating very interesting match types.

Small-sided matches are quick and fun, with each half being only 3 minutes of real-time playing. The timer only goes down when the ball is in play and each extra-time half is 1 minute of real-time play.

Volta gameplay has a wide variety of new mechanics and details to make it feel fresh and unique.

?Build Your Player
From height and facial features to tattoos and hairstyles create your male or female player with ease and take them across various modes in FIFA 20 using the new Avatar system.

Get the traditional athletic look, deck yourself out with the latest streetwear, or break boundaries as you find yours and your squad’s perfect style. Switch it up with limited-time item drops to create unique outfits using the Volta Shop.

Take your Avatar onto the street and express your style to the world throughout Volta Football's range of modes.

Complete matches to increase your player’s rating and earn skill points. Max out various traits to earn titles that show off your gameplay personality to the world.

Play it Your Way
Lead you squad in the Volta Tour, guide your avatar through Volta Story Mode, play with your squad in the online VOLTA League, or take your favourite professional teams to the streets in Volta Kick-off.

Take your Avatar across the world and face off against various real-world legends of street football. Build your squad and recruit players as you aim to win the ultimate prize: The Volta Football World Championship in Buenos Aires.

Online Volta
Play your way through promotion and relegation against other players with the online VOLTA League, where wins lead to promotion into a higher division.

Career Mode
After months of speculation, news has finally dropped about the biggest changes we have seen in FIFA Career Mode for a decade.

In FIFA 20, expect a far more bespoke experience as you take charge of your club and look to take on the world.

Customisable Manager
For the first time, you will be able to create your customisable manager. This includes, body type, skin tone, clothing and hairstyles.

What's more, for the first time ever, you will also be able to have a female manager.

Managing Morale
From rotating your starting 11 to shortlisting transfer targets and managing wage expectations, every choice you make affects your squads morale, form and even their OVR ratings.

Ultimate Team
Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in FIFA, but players are still frustrated by the imbalance of purchasing packs from the FUT store, and what you actually get in return. FIFA’s in-game currency has been ??banned in Belgium?? due to it breaching gambling laws, defining it as an “illegal game of chance”. It has been shown that the chances of getting an 84+ rated card?? is just 4.4%?? in a premium gold pack.

?Take your FUT team into new House Rules in FUT Friendlies on FIFA 20 a new and more social way to play against your mates and the FUT community. House rules will also come to Ultimate Team. 'Max Chemistry' -  where every player has maximum chemistry regardless of positioning, nationality and league and 'Swaps' - where three players swap teams at random.

New Icons come to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team and players will be able to play with juiced-up versions of Zinedine Zidane, Didier Drogba, Andrea Pirlo, Ian Wright and Ronald Koeman for the first time. A further nine Icons are yet to be announced.

Special card items can now be rewarded after completing tasks related to the special card in-game thanks to improved Season Objectives. For a OTW Jovic you would need to score with a Serbian player, and score a certain amount of finesse shots along with other tasks before you can receive your reward.

With Milestone objectives, smashing your opponent 5-0 will now mean more as every type of goal can contribute to rewards in the long run. You can then show off your rewards in-game with special cards such as a 16-bit ball and many more items.

Get rewarded for Milestone moments in your FUT Club’s journey with long-term goals to aim for throughout the season. From players to packs to new club customisation options, upgrade your club with different rewards all season long. EA will make sure there are different rewards so that completing the objectives never feel boring.

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