Feels like FIFA 15 is already in some extra training courses
August 28 2015

As for the EA are concerned about is how this year's FIFA same thing. Emotion and intensity of fact, if you go through the game of tag line. Not only is the next generation of visual effects good enough to be displayed in the player's face, but a new artificial intelligence system they sulk, cry and celebrate like a real player in the pain and pride. For this reason, they are in danger of ending up more excitement than you the game. FIFA describe a new marketing buzzword always involve new invention shopping list, and "emotional intelligence" is used to describe the more passionate the computer players, now fill one game. Thanks to the new efforts to re-atmosphere each course - including all 20 from the Premiership - the game, the feeling is now more dramatic alive, rather than just a clinical simulation.

Improved game is the most significant difference in FIFA 15. Instead, career mode has seen only a small amount of organizational improvement. Set each player commands (like telling a running back, he always overlap) capabilities are enormous, but in general the career mode did not change enough. Fatigue is not a factor (and there is no reserve system), international management has stagnated, while more players through your scout in turn nets or goes dark when somehow. For a game that has such a powerful online mode, the lack of an online franchise mode is surprising. FIFA 15 feels like it has been in some extra training courses to sharpen up. Its faster response, it found that extra yard of pace, since last season. It maintains the realism, but inject a little "heavy metal" in J├╝rgen Klopp will call it. When high-speed operation of the player seems to be more adapted to the movement of the left stick to at the last minute fine-tuning the frequency on either side beat a defender or draw enough fouls, if the momentum is with you. With the right player and this is more efficient from a standstill, a method of shifting the weight of the machine, and then bloom in the past other guards.


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