India eager to turn
November 10 2015

Approximately 17,000 km of two things now from Chile, where it came to an end on Sunday at the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 2015 although the distance may be obvious, the time is that this South Asian country has long stage of the event until it separated from India in 2017 The next edition.

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Shortly before his death Sunday's final hosting duties hosted a symbolic handover to Javier Ceppi, director of India's 2017 finals and Kulan Das, India from the local organizing committee (LOC) officials took place in Chile in 2015 Beanie De Palma FA Secretary-General and members of the Preparatory Commission of India in 2017.

"This is a huge significant opportunity not only for the Indian football, but for the global game," the 2017 tournament Ceppi said. In fact, India will host and participate in the first World Cup, and in a way that only it can do so. "We're talking about a population of 1.25 billions a huge market and tremendous passion for football. We aim to create a huge impact by hosting the tournament," he added.

Ceppi, Chile, is the LOC in India a year, making him the ideal person asked whether the possibility of competition in 2017, to change the motion panorama of subcontinent: "This will be the biggest sporting event in India's history They have been held where the cricket World Cup, hockey one, but this will be the first with a huge amount of eligible countries seeking this tournament will be broadcast in 200 countries - on the things they have never before had scales, So we can not wait. "

Specific Challenges

To the casual observer, the FIFA U-17 World Cup may be just a three-week affair. Not so Ceppi, who's goal is "to create a scenario in which there are 11 million children involved in football and 28,000 fans to attend the game stadiums, 300 million Indians to get introduced to the game, and about 600 million followed the match on television. something like that will change the history of the sport in the country, "he insisted.

Not only is the target clear, but therefore also the necessary steps to be taken. According Ceppi, the organizing committee is working with top government officials to make football an integral part of the school sports program: "It does not matter if the kids are playing two people, three-side, four -a end is important. They began to develop the game of love in the next two years. "

It is a game that is steadily winning a large section of the population in India, today has become the company's second national sport. "In India, they are fanatical in English and Spanish leagues, as well as Argentina, Brazil and the German national team. Football is more and more popular all the time," Ceppi, who value obtained in the closely watched ahead of him in 2015 in Chile Experience fellow said preparatory work done.

"Our delegation will leave Chile clearly that you can not schedule an event like this day by day knowledge, but with two or three-year plan. Detail is what makes all the difference, we can not leave any chance. Who to Indian fans and the team, to be organized by the Standards and enthusiasm of the local people, we have not impressed.

"Despite that problem, you would not normally see in the West, it organized a wonderful cricket league," he concluded. "If it is football, it would be right up there with La Liga or the Premier League. India 2017 will be truly impressive."



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