Klopp set Liverpool bow, Mourinho battles doubts
October 16 2015

J├╝rgen Klopp also challenge Liverpool's poor form now star rediscover their swagger as new Reds boss to get a first taste of the Premier League against Tottenham on Saturday.

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All eyes will Klopp at White Hart Lane following the well-respected German has recently been appointed as the successor to sacked Brendan - Rogers eagerly anticipated debut. In the 48-year-old Dortmund charm impressive performance it has been established him as one of Europe's top coaches, between his arrival has rekindled enthusiasm who had grown disillusioned with the ruling Rogers trophyless Liverpool fans.

However, with Liverpool slipped to 10 wins and only one in all competitions last nine games after major reconstruction work Klopp is clear he faced before he can dream of imitating the legendary Anfield manager like Bill Shankly, Paisley and Kenny Dalglish.

"I met two people last week: most of them say, 'We will win the league' and others looked at me," What have you done Why are you here? ","

Klopp said. "Neither is right at this moment, it is not interesting what people thought of it."

Although Klopp is cautious exposed his own ambitions, he has already identified need to be addressed, Liverpool to get back on track quickly if a key issue.

He believes the players are afraid of failure constraints and pressure mounted on Rogers and his hope that they forget past mistakes.

"Some things you can instantly change: attitude, ready," Klopp said. "Get real needs time to adjust as a team, but I'm really not interested in the issue, we might on Saturday, I would like to see more courage, more fun in their eyes, I want to see them like what they do. "

Allardyce return
Although Klopp will steal most of the headlines this weekend, the new Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce back in the Premier League can be said that his career is facing the most difficult challenges. After the second bottom turned black Allardyce, Advocaat resigned, making him the first official bitter northeast rivals Newcastle and Sunderland.

Allardyce, who left West Ham at the end of last season, has helped punch the weight of a good reputation over the club. But Sunderland have failed to win any in Allardyce's debut of their first eight games and failed struggling West Bromwich Albion will be a hammer blow.

"This is a big challenge, even in the early stage of the season, it is clear that we have a problem," Allardyce said. "It may take us 30 games to get the vast majority of security."

Only Newcastle Sunderland leave the table to keep the feet and magpie winless suffered another setback, Dutch goalkeeper Tim Krul were excluded rest of the season.

"This is a huge blow for us, the best players you're talking about one of our team," Newcastle manager Steve McClaren said ahead of Sunday's game against Norwich .

"Here, it just seems endless worse."

Mourinho's Blues is worth noting that the outlook under Mourinho are among the most underrated pressure Chelsea worrying start defending their Premiership managers. As champions dinner in May, the Blues are now held in abeyance at 16 the following 3-1 home defeat to Southampton.

Locker room rift report on the occasion of this loss, and prompted Mourinho to make his impassioned defense documents. However, the young Chelsea midfielder Ruben Loftus cheek no doubt that Mourinho who get the title back in the groove, starting Saturday Verapaz.

"We think he was the manager of Chelsea," Loftus cheek, said the team. "When he criticize you, only makes you better, so we all support Jose."

Leader Manchester City hosts led Bournemouth captain Compagni after five games through injury returns, but Pellegrini's team will not be star striker Sergio Aguero and key midfielder David - Silva are After suffering from the impact of international obligations. Arsenal will face Watford second to nine first, they Vicarage Road travel, while the third Manchester United Everton.

Premier League Fixtures
on Saturday
Chelsea vs Aston Villa, Crystal Palace v West Ham, Everton Manchester United, Manchester City v Bournemouth, Southampton v Leicester, Tottenham against Liverpool, Watford v Arsenal,West Brom v Sunderland

Newcastle v Norwich

Swansea v Stoke




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