The women competition in FIFA 16 is great
October 30 2015

FIFA 16 is hitting the shelves - and an early review showed that small adjustments and new models were added to last year's game is enough to do the upgrade. But they may not have enough people moving off the temptation to change a new rival, PES 2016 game brings, including new game dynamics, women's team and a new game mode. Game feel significantly different from last year, with a little thought, often slower feel from FIFA 15. "Olympic speed without Cristiano Ronaldo or Yaya Toure diamond strength, skill is inevitable Bank, wrote: "Ben Wilson. "This means that collections back in midfield and backs, defensive gap until a tempting offer an opportunity through ball, or an out-of-position opponents brief window in which to cross."

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However, due to space and create new opportunities and FIFA defensive AI, it is difficult noteworthy. In order to do it effectively you need to be able to break this new discipline inject pace, as you pass. This is the purpose of the new FIFA transfer and come in. Now, when you modify by holding R1, which adds extra venom you passed. So, if there is a strict corridor you want to pass, you can do, but this is very basic risk-reward system. R1 passes meaning heavy'd come in from the heat sink in common, especially in tight areas. You need to use it carefully, but when you do a fire in a pass, Massey said, it's just stick feels amazing. It is also very useful tool for switching playback, without suffering the slow, long floating pass. Another added bonus.

EA Sports has been working to improve the all-round game, it paid off with the gradual tough game. For example, the first two goals Conceded: I'm down to my ultimate team player I assume (I blame you, Phil Jagielka) will Hoover up the ball, which is about to strike He, I can start quickly counterattack. In fact, he was running in a straight line, the ball passed him and progress was through on goal. Twice. In the same game. Welcome to FIFA 16. It involves a steep learning curve and reduce the level of AI control player means lazy days defending - and attack - are long gone. I remember I gave away early penalties by assuming that the number of charging the man with the ball will mean I just wanted to punish. This does not mean a decrease in the general level of AI. Very far away.

In all other areas of computer games have become smarter, the action will cut off your attack hold their position or closed down space in a more - more realistic way. They launched a new animation looks like a step rotation. This is done to maintain balance, even if you're beating a defender, although if you lose the ball dribbling. For example, when you are playing down the wings, you knock the ball forward you to lose control of the ball and the opponent can easily planet. This will be fixed in the spinning step technique. Also, in other words, a lot of real change (including the better player head-tracking, because that thing is true about finding the way), perhaps the greatest and most controversial is the inclusion of women's soccer first times.

Most predictable, least appealing elements hostile reaction in the announcement, which in some ways (Channon's line is clear: "We want to be the most realistic soccer game in the world, if we want that woman to be part of us The game "), but there are also happier, much more surprising both sides of the story. The women's game is a great game, one thing - a lot of their own thing, with different rhythms built more cautious attack. Logically it feels different from the men's game and organic, perhaps because the scoring system has been redesigned for women around the different priorities and how they play. 85 scores in the women's competition, Channon said, can not be directly converted to any level of the men's competition, as the property carry different weights to the whole players score.




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