This is America Samoa
September 08 2015

If a team needs a dose of military-like leadership and guidance, this is America Samoa. Once the statistics of the world's worst international team, remote Polynesian nation in a clear upward tangent, and Ramin Ott play in developing a significant role.

Samoa's class in 2015, some different groups from different locations cheer, with limited time to create a cohesive and united team. However, the team captain under veteran Ott - US Army sergeant who had been in Afghanistan - the team head into Friday's first stage of the FIFA World Cup finals OFC Russia 2018 race day? Target in sight, this is an incredible qualifying: the next stage of the tournament progressed.

After all, this is a country that has never won an international competition, until four years ago. The team went without a victory in more than a decade, in a period that includes the infamous world record 31-0 defeat. The 29-year-old Ott is one of the few long-serving player's career has spanned a time, see one of the region from the losers to the real contenders team move.

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Ott was raised in the capital of Pago Pago, he moved to the United States in his early 20s. Five years ago, he decided to join the US Army, and has quickly risen to the rank of sergeant, his charisma soon realized, lead to nine-month stint in Afghanistan arduous.

Now, stationed in Hawaii after nearly a decade of life, and throughout the United States to play, Ott said his military experience was useful international football.

"My leadership skills to the game I tried to continue," Ott told from Nuku'alofa Tonga capital. "Everything is attention to detail on the military. I tell the kids love it if their poor attitude. They like me is how simple it is.

"Yesterday it showed a soldier when I came out," Ott said Wednesday beat Tonga. "I grew up toughness, and I have gained years of experience, and walked out. I can not soft, I do not see the kids see me weak. Yesterday I told them that when we go back," it is not yet complete, but kept playing. "We're back after this goal admit."




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