Call unto different Fifa 16 game world
November 13 2015 

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First, you must learn and master the control scheme of defense. With Square (PS) or X (the Xbox), you can perform tackles. This can be very effective, but it is also very dangerous. With Cross (PS) or A (for Xbox), defenseman will automatically use the pressure in front of the ball carrier's position. The circle (PS) or B (the Xbox), there are several available operating, depending on the circumstances - in front of the ball carrier, it tries to handle the ball, while on the side or rear, it either starts shirt pull, or attempt physical contact. All three are useful, but may also cause foul if used carelessly. With L2 (PS) or LT (the Xbox) Players can contain one opponent, where the defender is always facing the ball. Finally, R1 (PS) or RB (the Xbox) will let you dial the second player to put pressure on the ball carrier.
FIFA 16 few games down, body height, I felt that I can play Diego Costa, but the 4-4, his property so I am very comfortable, although FIFA insufficient balance, but generally his shot after down (there are plenty of professional ethics, is not really just fall to the ground), and, of course, his response was very low, so every now and then think about FIFA 16 the game of life, you have to endure, who let him go. FIFA called on different game world 16. FIFA 16 has a new breakthrough with another female national team. Despite the fact that the commentary sometimes slight superiority as a woman during the game to explain, an honor for EA to order here. This is not a small deal either. There are millions of young girls out there who look up to these women doing sports athletes. This is good, they can now play their FIFA 16 Let's hope we see more of this in future sports games.
Tackle is the most common, and to receive the ball the most effective way - it is to retrieve the ball standing and not spend too much danger, will lead to a way from a slider. However, it should be remembered, too quiet tackles and late kick-off, may cause a foul your goals and potentially dangerous situations. To perform treatment, according to the Process button.
When it comes to defensive formation, we recommend 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-2-2-2. The latter is especially good for beginners. These two formations is a good use of counterattack. Do you have a particularly good center who can execute a strike, with a higher speed is very important.



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