FIFA 16 is a strong management component
August 25 2015

The upgrade in FIFA 16 will be those making the most epoch-making leap keenly felt. In the extra horsepower provided by the new game means improved graphics, more detailed crowd, the vast AI (AI perhaps no better, just more of it, there are attacks make more runs and more players head challenge), and smoother texture. It is easy to see and feel the difference. Those who are newly created upgrade from last year's return will notice improvement, but for them it is a more subtle change, change is not obvious.

FIFA is you want it to be. If you played FIFA, you'll feel right at home. These controls are intuitive, menu is clean - even more so FIFA ?? -, and game response. FIFA 16 What to do well, and polishing it is very mild, so it's easier to get in the game. The graphics are fantastic. You can really see that the series reflects the development of the player - whether to open or close the stadium - even in a crowd. Three-dimensional modeling is so much better, it really feels like a step. Chants have been redesigned to make the audience feel a little more lively. Explain a little better, but there is only so much you can say.

Realism of "FIFA 16" brilliant additional layers. Just as in real life, Barcelona's Luis Suarez is when you start a season in Career Mode suspended until October 27. It's all about the small details. This is the first time, "FIFA 16" introduced a goal-line technology. The only thing missing is the disappearance of the only spray referee. All the customization, and then save it to a team table, so you can easily order a completely different starting lineup and players between individuals by choosing different piece off. When you grow the club, the young talent now increases the faster, the old players do not withdraw too quickly.


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