FIFA 16 proves defense does not always win
November 17 2015

The good news, especially if you play on the Internet, everyone is in the same boat, although it is more difficult to defend, you can also learn how to keep a good defensive barrier, instead of resorting to Mourinho's bus parking (although this does help in extreme cases). Therefore, this article intends to provide some tips that can help you improve your defensive game, but you should know that it takes patience and practice. FIFA 16 is probably the most realistic soccer experience provides franchise, but probably not a good thing. FIFA 16 proved that the defense does not always win. Hard to deny that football is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. It has long been the king of sports elsewhere in the world, but now Americans are finally starting to embrace the children all over the world to establish a provisional target empty the trash in the street, using the game. Now the question is: What took so long?

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If you feel you need some extra support (for example, your one-goal lead late in the game) on defense, hit the left in the D - pad. This will change the mentality of your team defense. Change this attitude will improve your team's defensive adjustments to make the striker and midfielder support, while maintaining good form. There are multiple levels of defense mentality, so choose which level best suited for a specific game situations. When a long pass defense, use in the Xbox or PlayStation B round push your opponent to his line received a pass to get the position. This is a long through ball and stop the breakout break up before they can happen very effective.


First things first, the only way to win is the goal. But that does not mean you should try to score, every contact: this is the wrong way to view the game. Instead, you also need to consider how to prevent your opponents score, it can also be when you had achieved. If you control the game and keep your opponent constantly on the move, they will not only frustrating, but also may be the player of the tire. Watch teams like Barcelona, ??Real Madrid, Manchester United, they are playing hiding games. why? Because it works! The opponent can not score, if you have the ball (unless you run it into your own net, but let you idiot!), This is the premise of this first prompt.

Therefore, there is no easy way, hats or target at this time. Enjoy the defense has never been so specific and have fun! OffenseOn offensive player (to FIFA 16 gold PS4) you can decide not only how to control the football, but also control a specific ball. Thus, players will now be responsible for the attack to get rid of the ball from the fundamental, so you can buy some time defensive player of confusion and generate options for separation space. Governance ball often limit the use of their wide range of relevant skills, you can do without the ball participants (such as forgery and feinting). EA Sports "FIFA 16 is devoted to crime more dynamic, because the players, through legitimate cross, will be able to make the action to teammates better accuracy.

The case of receiving teammates may accelerate or decelerate (as the case may be), so they can acquire and control ease.Ping drive surface passes baseball will attack people find Maori teammates to develop their specific attacking options. His teammates will move and react more quickly to find space and create a variety of offensive options. The disadvantage is that, unlike the draft champion, by the cost of each trip draft FUT virtual currency. a lot of. The first tour is free, but then, it needs 15,000 "gold" or 300 "FIFA Points," which was bought for real money. Coins Whenever you play FIFA 16 earned numerous models, but the registration fee is still equivalent to about $ 2.50 on the one hand, this is an abuse of the draft final FUT level of your home team to win the prize for its brake. On the other hand, this is a case of pay-to-win, rather than complementary experience. Slowdown on women's football so in passing, movement and defense higher accuracy.



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