Messi is condition is still strong enough to terrible
December 15 2015

When questioned Massey Energy, Argentina FIFA 16 gold quietly excellent performance objectives and response. Leverkusen, Argentina the game with a goal to save the team.

In return, Macy played five games and scored four goals, also sent two assists, but his rhythm on the court has not fully recovered, but the target level, his data is still beautiful, Enrique a Consistent run color. All this, said: "Messi does not need to reach the next 100 state can play a decisive role."

In Barcelona, ??the most important is the rest of the case, Messi is still the starting lineup, he also deserved to wear the captain's armband. Macy insisted on the need to play, he needs to find the feeling, rhythm afterwards. Macy people around me that, although the Argentine players found the target, but has not yet reached a few months ago led Barcelona to win the crown three top state honors. Now, Macy is also involved in the game, assists in the goal, but his lack of football still smile.

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For many players, looking on the football smile is a luxury, but the biggest popular, Macy's Golden Globe, a smile is a necessity. Messi knows this, he is also very clear that we are Neymar and Suarez state than he did. Because of this, the most recent game, he will need to use, he needs to buy the FIFA coins regain pace of the game and find his best version, you can keep him away from the game entirely behind the two-month injury.



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