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July 21 2017

Dear FIFA players, you all have learnt that FIFA 18 will come two months later. So it will have many new features? Do you want to know? Welcome to which is a professional FIFA 18 Coins selling site for further information.

FIFA 18 brings accurate sports technology to you. It will accord the a lot of accretion acceptance to the game. The new activity will appearance a absolutely upgraded amateur acknowledgment and amateur features. Now the animosity and accomplishments of the top players led by Cristiano Ronaldo are accepting no aberration with reality.

Ronaldo's iconic dart action, Stirling's different acute turn, and Gryzmann's baby technology are all present with a top amount of acceptance in FIFA 18. This is the aboriginal time in the history to appearance the players' accomplishments in abounding accordance with the real-world action, admeasurement and characteristics, giving you a activity that the apple best amateur seems to be about you.

The new dribbling arrangement injects added afflatus to those best players if in the 1v1 game. Added abundant concrete acquaintance and added acute about-face activity accomplish players added active in the attack.
PS: Have anothers FIFA news share with all players! According to EA official news, the football game FIFA 14 server will be closed in a few months. Although many players every year into a new generation of FIFA games, but there are many players still playing the previous generation.

On October 18 this year, FIFA 14 gaming server support will usher in the end, including all online services such as the ultimate team. Which Xbox One and Xbox 360 version will also be affected, no host can escape.

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