Ronaldo and Bale hug each otrher to celebrate their win
December 01 2015

This season, Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo somewhat delicate relationship with Bell. Ronaldo is hand-picked successor, known Bell Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, Real Madrid boss Benitez intends to focus on Bell to create real, but everyone knows that in the Real Madrid team who is the real boss. We offer cheap day Black Friday sales FIFA 16 coins.

A few days ago, Bell's remarks set off a Cristiano Ronaldo fan discontent theme about the Golden Globes, Bell said: "For some players, their Golden Globes are crazy, maybe this is their goal, but I just wanted to score. to help the team win the championship. "Many fans said Bell innuendo innuendo Ronaldo. Broker Bell repeatedly criticized Ronaldo, Ronaldo laughed sell underwear. About Ronaldo and time Sobel discordant messages, through around.

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Barcelona lost to Real Madrid, and lose badly, Real Madrid needs a win to cheer up. Thus, with Shakhtar Donetsk game, it is very important. This time, Bell teamed up Ronaldo, knocking on the door of victory for Real Madrid. The first 18 minutes, modeliqi sent the ball outside his boots, Bell left the area of ??the air cushion, after Cristiano Ronaldo a small angle head. Cristiano Ronaldo scored embrace the initiative with Bell, the two kings celebrate the goal.

Behind the better play. Real Madrid pulled away soon, Ronaldo set up modeliqi and Carvajal scored consecutive, then Ronaldo got the second goal. In the first 70 minutes, the miners through error, beierzhong line breaking ball directly to the defender Jo?o Moutinho pass the ball, Ronaldo in front of 8 meters to push saved, but then rose to the lower left corner, 4: 0! Then, Ronaldo scores do not show their conventional celebrations, but fell to embrace Bell, the two big stars rolled lawns. Please visit our site to buy FIFA 16 coins.



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