Salary of Rodriguez is really Low
February 19 2016


Just lately, Rodríguez’s contract with Authentic Madrid was announced. Vipfifa16 found that his after-tax salary is just 3. 8 million, which even cannot be regarded into middle class in current football standings now. At Real Madrid merely, it is less compared to that of Modric as well as Cross, and even not much as half of Benzema’s earnings.

At the beginning of this season, Rodríguez was once belittled to be greedy due to false news. But now it seems that's not true. As everyone knows soon after signing Bale, salary in Real Madrid has become increased because others all needed to rise. Ramos was the first to require, and we believe that there'll be more requesting higher pay later. Fifa Coins

At the same period, Barcelona has the similar problem. Basically only Messi has got the high salary. And then the undeniable fact that Neymar's salary becomes larger and higher made another players also requires additional when renewing. Fortunately Neymar now proved his strength to adopt high-wage, and temporarily there tend to be no wage rise emails.


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