Through quiet guy to primary man for De Bruyne
April 15 2016

It seemed strange. Manchester City’s ‘quiet guy’ was doing each of the pre-tie talking. Buy Fifa Coins

A man who, upon his return to England in August 2015, politely, pleadingly reminded the mass media: “I’m not going for being much fun for anyone - I don’t point out much. ” A man whose autobiography is titled Retain It Simple. A limelight-dodger with choirboy looks among a bold wedding ring of pranksters and heavily-inked trend-setters.

Yet perhaps it shouldn’t have been strange that Kevin de Bruyne ended up being, unusually, shouldering the brunt with the press requests prior to a trip to Paris Saint-Germain to the first leg of their own UEFA Champions League quarter-final. Since becoming one of wealthiest clubs on the planet in 2008, City have often noticed their European dreams derailed through embarrassing losses. This was largely assigned to the anonymity of the big names inside the big games. No wonder the usual suspects were muted.

So up stepped KDB, fresh from scoring, starring and receiving a standing ovation upon his come back to action following a ten-week lay-off - and in lieu of give orthodox, expectation-quelling responses, the timid Belgian had been surprisingly intrepid. He underplayed the favouritism of any PSG team that had been shattering records while his own were in the middle of a lamentable Premier Group campaign - and without Yaya Toure and Raheem Sterling. He criticised City’s deficit of consistency. He declared it was time for them to perform against the massive boys. Then he ran out in the Parc de Princes and walked the walk, stylishly dispatching the opener in an unforeseen 2-2 draw.

If that delighted your 24-year-old, its offshoot wouldn’t have: De Bruyne once again found himself holding court while using press ahead of portion two. This time he was back to his old, shy self as he / she obligingly discussed fatherhood, explained why he registered City over PSG, rued a spell around the sidelines and tempered expectations on the tie’s outcome, while also emphasising Sergio Aguero’s relevance to City and deemphasising his very own. ‘Chores’ completed, it was now period for De Bruyne to be able to let his feet complete the talking - which he most certainly would.

The 24-year-old was this string-puller as City enjoyed the most beneficial of the first 45. He spun his gun, played a one-two with David Silva and developed a half-chance for Sergio Aguero through an intuitive reserve pass. He produced a excellent through-ball to free Silva. He then watched Aguero earn and miss a penalty - one which looked like it may cost City.

That’s because the second half was a different story. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s free-kick forced Joe Hart right fine save. Thiago Silva should did better with a close-range header. Every PSG set-piece was creating panic. Panic that perished inside minute 76, when De Bruyne’s adorable dummy sent Edinson Cavani lunging directly into no-man’s land and their immaculate shot curled into the bottom corner from the edge of the box.

That magic made them a media magnet again. And while De Bruyne repeatedly known his effort - someone goal if ever there is one - as just one “we” scored, and posted a modest "We did it!! " on Twitter, his buddies in glowing blue showered him with encouragement.



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