Val will have to pass a new contract doubling week
December 29 2015

According to the "Mirror" reported, Leicester Valdivia ready to send a new contract wages doubled.

The 28-year-old striker this season in the Premier League status fiery, he is currently leading the league with 15 goals scorer. His outstanding performance attracted the attention of Chelsea, but Lester did not want to lose star striker's name. Val in 2014 with the club signed a contract of 40,000 per week £, Leicester City are now ready to double his salary, he will rise to 8 pounds weekly dispel American interest in him.

Currently Chelsea, Tottenham and other teams need to add striker, while Leicester believe they have enough money to keep the Valdivia. They want to renew the work will be completed in the coming weeks. They also believe that the striker to stay at Leicester City, and by virtue of its outstanding performance in England next year I want to set off a summer's European Championship.

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