What Time Does the January Transfer Window 2016 Open and Close?
December 25 2015

In less than two weeks time, in the winter transfer window opens in 2016. Transfer rumors, especially those of the top leagues and clubs, such as the English Premier League, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Arsenal, they are bubbling. There are some information when the transfer window opens and closes.
In early January, the winter transfer window opens. Managers are already assessing possible purchase. Club Gaosongzhuan budgets are able to have the best players.

Below is a list of 2016's opening and closing time of the January transfer window.

         Windows open      window closes
England    January 2,2016  February 1
Scotland   2 January 2016   February 1
Germany   January 1, 2016   February 2
France   January 2, 2016    February 1
Spain   January 4, 2016     February 3
Italy   January 4, 2016     February 1

Previous month transfer rumors

Name: Benzema
Age: 26
Club: Real Madrid
Possible fee: £ 30 million
Interested clubs: Arsenal, Manchester United
Benzema has been a player in European football the most popular. He reportedly dissatisfied with current living inSpain. There are indications that he will move toEngland possibilities. Interested Benzema clubs including Arsenal and Manchester United.

Name: Macy
Age: 27
Club: Barcelona
Possible fee: £ 200 M
Interested club: Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea
Here is Paris Saint-Germain Dimaliya views. "I hope that Paris St Germain Paris can bring Macy day. Anything is possible. It's all about the money. It will require a lot of money to sign a player like him. It would be great French and French football in general, If Messi to join Paris Saint-Germain. PSG have the resources to sign him. Messi could come to Paris. "

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Name: Degea
Age: 24
Club: Manchester United
Possible fee: £ 30 million
Interested clubs: Real Madrid
He has adapted well so uncertain Premiership began his move in 2011 from the post after Atletico Madrid.

Product Name: Paul Pogba
Age: 21
Club: Juventus
Possible fee: £ 40 million
Interested clubs: Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal
He is considered the most promising players in Europe. That is why the Premier League's top clubs are interested in him.

Name: Hummels
Age: 25
Club: Dortmund
Possible fee: £ 30 million
Interested clubs: Liverpool, Arsenal
Liverpool has been keen to sign transactions Dortmund captain Mats Hummels. Jürgen Klopp management Hummels in the Bundesliga giants of his time in charge of, and look forward to working with him again.


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