Messi is condition is still strong enough to terrible
2015/12/15 10:36:56
When questioned Massey Energy, Argentina FIFA 16 gold quietly excellent performance objectives and response. Leverkusen, Argentina the game with a goal to save the team. In return, Macy played five games and scored four goals, also sent two assists, but his rhythm on the court has not fully recovered, but the target level, his data is still beautiful, Enrique a Consistent run color. All this, sai...
FIFA affected by the scandal first loss in 14 years
2015/12/11 9:58:25
From May 29, the US and Swiss authorities began to buy gold arrest FIFA 16 FIFA officials, nearly half the time, FIFA (FIFA) ongoing scandal. FIFA not only causes shame, and the most direct economic losses. FIFA because of a series of scandals this year, resulting in 1.03 million Swiss francs (about 6.4 million yuan) in losses. This is since 2001, FIFA's first loss of the year. Affected by the sc...
TOTY of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – The Nominees
2015/12/8 13:36:45
 FIFA 16 Ultimate Team TOTY (Best Team) is a choice of eleven members of which properties are greatly improved. These players often reach several million price ?? gold, of course, all the other players in the market to influence the value. Please visit our website for more information about FIFA 16 coins. This is the best team of 2015 is to build the world's professional players association,...
2015/12/4 14:21:04
FIFA Ultimate Team on the mantra for all of us, it seems. Why do we continue to play forever? This is not a tactic or a chemical link, or even match. Commitment elusive, in-form Cristiano Ronaldo might the next package, or may be just around the corner Bailey, is enough to stimulate us, playing one more match to pull together enough coins more than a package. But inevitably, the next package do...
Ronaldo and Bale hug each otrher to celebrate their win
2015/12/1 11:30:09
This season, Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo somewhat delicate relationship with Bell. Ronaldo is hand-picked successor, known Bell Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, Real Madrid boss Benitez intends to focus on Bell to create real, but everyone knows that in the Real Madrid team who is the real boss. We offer cheap day Black Friday sales FIFA 16 coins. A few days ago, Bell's remarks set ...
FIFA 16 cover of Poland
2015/11/27 14:20:26
Ajax Arek Milik will join Macy FIFA 16 cover Poland, which will be on stores in September 24, applies to all platforms.Do you want a new try ,just Buy FIFA 16 Coins,you will enjoy a fantastic world. Milik began his career as a youth player Rozwój Katowice and participated in the reserve in the 2009-10 season. In October 23, 2010, 16-year-old made his third La Liga debut, he scored two goals in t...
Heroes Cards Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team
2015/11/24 13:29:56
Hero card in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is the process of creating an important game to reward individual honors, favorite players and best young player award, and heroic contributions, such as the league derby, winning promotion to higher League, or to save his club from relegation.Do you want a new try ,just Buy FIFA 16 Coins,you will enjoy a fantastic world. Like MOTM card, which becomes package o...
Wonderkids, you should sign modeTwo career in 1616 released monthly since FIFA FIFA
2015/11/20 15:58:53
 In addition, EA Sports FIFA16 latest update is the third, which gave fans a lot of surprises. In FIFA16, in addition to one of the most attractive way FUT, it is the career mode. Since the new version adds the latest FIFA series, which provides a platform for the fans, the players through their own culture, and then by their own FIFA 16 to create a team. It measures the fans and the players...
FIFA 16 proves defense does not always win
2015/11/17 15:23:32
The good news, especially if you play on the Internet, everyone is in the same boat, although it is more difficult to defend, you can also learn how to keep a good defensive barrier, instead of resorting to Mourinho's bus parking (although this does help in extreme cases). Therefore, this article intends to provide some tips that can help you improve your defensive game, but you should know that i...
Call unto different Fifa 16 game world
2015/11/13 14:00:06
  Do you want a new try ,just Buy FIFA 16 Coins,you will enjoy a fantastic world.   First, you must learn and master the control scheme of defense. With Square (PS) or X (the Xbox), you can perform tackles. This can be very effective, but it is also very dangerous. With Cross (PS) or A (for Xbox), defenseman will automatically use the pressure in front of the ball carrier's posit...


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