FIFA 16 the first media ratings released although questioned but worth playing
2015/9/24 18:00:17
This year's FIFA ultimate team game back, the first time joined the women's football team. However, these can beat the opponent with "live soccer 2016" do? Look at it the following ratings:   IGN – 7.8   Digital Spy – 4/5   Bleacher Report – 8/10   GameSpot – 9/10   Polygon – 9/10   New Game Network – 86%   The Guardian – 5/5   Ars Technica – " World Soccer Winning Eleven 2016 has been de...
Dybala saves Juve's blushes, Roma win
2015/9/22 16:53:36
Sao Paulo Dybala struck penalty save Juve's blushes Chievo 1-1 draw, although they are still six points behind title rivals Roma ahead of the UEFA Champions League opener against Manchester City. Juventus, last season's beaten UEFA Champions League final, meet in Group D on Tuesday the city and in this show Pellegrini's men will fancy taking three points off the Italian championship opportunity. ...
Good news: FIFA 16 Demo Soundtrack is out
2015/9/16 10:25:20
FIFA 16 Soundtrack has 42 tracks from artists around the world. FIFA 16 demo available for download, the first track, for your listening enjoyment. With the upcoming FIFA 16 game, FIFA 16 coins are necessary, make sure you get enough FUT16 account.Do you want a new try ,just Buy FIFA 16 Coins,you will enjoy a fantastic world. Dreams - BeckSoy Yo - Bomba EstereoAll It Ever Was - Miami HorrorFeel...
FIFA 16 Player Ratings - Real Madrid
2015/9/11 11:50:27
Real Madrid are one of 10 clubs available in the FIFA 16 Demo. From lowest to highest, here are ratings of all players currently on their roster that can be found in FIFA Ultimate Team?.Do you want a new try ,just Buy FIFA 16 Coins,you will enjoy a fantastic world. NACHOLUCAS VáZQUEZCASEMIRODENIS CHERYSHEVJESéMATEO KOVAcIcKEYLOR NAVASáLVARO ARBELOAKIKO CASILLADANILODANIEL CARVAJALRAPHA?L VARAN...
This is America Samoa
2015/9/8 10:07:12
If a team needs a dose of military-like leadership and guidance, this is America Samoa. Once the statistics of the world's worst international team, remote Polynesian nation in a clear upward tangent, and Ramin Ott play in developing a significant role. Samoa's class in 2015, some different groups from different locations cheer, with limited time to create a cohesive and united team. However, the...
FIFA 16-North American cover with soccer women !
2015/9/2 10:48:44
EA football games work "FIFA 16" will be the first time to add women, so the cover should also be different with before. Recently, EA has officially announced the FIFA 16 North American version cover, for the first time "FIFA" series cover welcomed two female players.Do you want a new try ,just Buy FIFA 16 Coins,you will enjoy a fantastic world. The two women were Alex Morgan and Christine Sincl...
Feels like FIFA 15 is already in some extra training courses
2015/8/28 9:44:14
As for the EA are concerned about is how this year's FIFA same thing. Emotion and intensity of fact, if you go through the game of tag line. Not only is the next generation of visual effects good enough to be displayed in the player's face, but a new artificial intelligence system they sulk, cry and celebrate like a real player in the pain and pride. For this reason, they are in danger of ending u...
FIFA 16 is a strong management component
2015/8/25 10:03:42
The upgrade in FIFA 16 will be those making the most epoch-making leap keenly felt. In the extra horsepower provided by the new game means improved graphics, more detailed crowd, the vast AI (AI perhaps no better, just more of it, there are attacks make more runs and more players head challenge), and smoother texture. It is easy to see and feel the difference. Those who are newly created upgrade f...
World-class commentary
2015/8/21 13:08:45
Commentary continue legend extensions (only in Microsoft's game console) FUT FIFA16 in particular, the pre-season, with the women's national team Comments regardless of mode, providing a fantastic tournament gaming experience. For our viewers around the world, commentary options include Arabic, Portuguese (Brazil), French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Russian,...
Beauvue came back to haunt his old club Guingamp
2015/8/18 15:49:09
Claudio Beauvue back to haunt his former club Guingamp, because he hit a late winner Lyon 1-0 in Ligue 1 on Saturday. Hubert Fournier's men frustrated goalless draw at home to Lorient in their opener last week, but they put that right because the new contract Beauvue, who hit 17 league goals Guingamp deadline. Guadeloupe striker, who scored the Brittany club Lyon only goal in a 3-1 win for this ...


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